Spectrum Labs Raises $10M for Its AI-based Platform to Combat Online Toxicity

TECH CRUNCH – Sep 24 – Spectrum Labs – which has built algorithms and a set of APIs that can be used to detect toxic behavior, has raised $10M in a Series A round of funding. The company plans to use the capital to expand its platform. The company has raised ~$14M to date. Spectrum Labs works with a wide range of companies, including The Meet Group. Spectrum Labs‘ AI-based platform is currently set up to scan for ~40 kinds of toxic behavior profiles such as harassment, hate speech, scams, grooming, illegal solicitation, and doxxing.

by Ingrid Lunden
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Meetsy Helps to Create More Face to Face Interactions

GLOBE NEWSWIRE – Sep 23 – Sophomores at USC and UC Berkeley, Daniel Hanasab and Sean Toobi, have developed an app called Meetsy that is changing the way we initiate face-to-face conversations. In just a couple of months, Daniel and Sean have taken the start-up world by storm with tons of venture capital attention, Meetsy is now an incubated company through the University of Southern California’s affiliated Troy Labs, with many venture-backed start-up founders as mentors. According to its founders, Meetsy is the first „head-up“ social network platform where quality in-person conversation is king, not screen-time. The app notifies users in real-time of people with commonalities in the same room, allowing them to skip the swipes and make meaningful relationships. Users can choose to get notified when someone in the room shares certain qualities. Then, users „Wave“ at potential friends that share similarities and proceed to jump right into face-to-face conversation.

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