Why Some People End Up With Partners Who Are More Attractive

WASHINGTON POST – May 3 – In general, couples tend to be more similar than two randomly selected people. Scientists call this „assortative mating“. In a study published last year in the journal Psychological Science, researchers offered an explanation for when and where couples of mixed attractiveness are most likely to arise. The study found that heterosexual couples who were friends before they dated were more likely to be rated at different attractiveness levels. Those who met each other and started dating within a month had relatively similar levels of attractiveness.

by Ana Swanson
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Amy Schumer Will Teach You 5-Star Swiping Tactics

Let’s get straight to the point: Amy Schumer paired up with Vanity Fair to go on a swipe marathon for a stranger on Tinder. In doing so, she revealed many different ways to spot douchebags.

What caters to a LEFT swipe, for Schumer?

  • Guitar pictures
    “A guitar in the picture is a big red flag. That is like the clearest ‘you’re just trying to get pussy at a party‘ move. No.”
  • No shirt
    “If you’re not wearing a shirt in your profile photo – stop. Just stop.”
  • Mom pictures
    “The guys that are the closest with their moms and do the most charity work are the secret dirtbags of the universe.”
  • Sky diving
    “Just watch television like the rest of us!”
  • A group profile picture
    “Shows no confidence. Like ‘look I have friends‚, be YOU.”

We agree with all of these! Most especially the no shirt part. Watch the full (hilarious) video below.


This Couple (And Their Entire Campus) Created A Snapchat Meet-Cute

If you are walking down the street and you see a cute guy, you assume that if you ever meet again it will be destiny. It turns out social media now allows us to track our crushes down and create our own digital destiny. How, you may ask? A girl at the University of Wisconsin-Madison took fate into her own hands, via Snapchat.

After seeing a cute guy on her college Snap story, the dubbed “Mystery Girl” reaches out to hot “Vikings Fan”: ​”To the guy wearing the Vikings jersey on the UW Snap story: I’m seriously in love with you.” He sees her message, reciprocates, and the whole school gets involved in uniting the snap-crossed lovers. They even created an updating geo-filter: “Help Vikings Fan Find Mystery Girl”. If that isn’t modern day digital love, I don’t know what is.

Watch the whole saga below, and see the romance unfold!


Yes, You’re Mom But You Are Also A Woman!


Dating as a single mother is hard. Not only does it take a lot more time and effort to date, but you aren’t the only person you need to think about – there is a beautiful little one waiting at home. You may be juggling the role of mom, but you also need to focus on your own happiness. How can you manage it all? Lucky for you, we sat down with the amazing dating and relationship coach (for us everyday singles and E!’s Famously Single celebrities) Laurel House, to talk about navigating the dating world as a single mother.

MM: Why do you think dating as a single mom is different from dating as someone who is childless?

LH: Your priorities (and your life) are no longer your own. As a dating coach, I went back to work one week after giving birth, because I am a single mom and I need to support myself and my child – that is my priority. Part of my job is to help my clients date online. I happened to be online and saw this guy who was also a single dad. We began communicating online extensively which is what I call pre-qualifying. We really got to know each other very well online, and started to have hour-long phone calls before we finally met. We met when my son was 3-months-old, started dating, and now we are together.

MM: If you’re a single mom and you don’t have much time, do you think pre-qualifying is the way to go?

LH: It could not be more essential when it comes to dating. Mother or not, you do not meet someone in person until you have pre-qualified, or you’re going to continue going on first dates and in the first three seconds you know it’s not a match. Particularly, when you’re a single mom you have to pre-qualify.

Have those extensive email or chat conversations that then lead into an extensive phone call: I call it a phone date. On that phone date, you are having a real conversation as if you are on a date in-person. You can even do it over Skype so that you can see each other. At the end of the day, as a single mom going on a date, you have to leave your child for the evening, hire a nanny, and then you are stressing the whole time about whether they are OK while you’re out… which does not create an environment for connection! The last thing you want is to sit across from someone and say to yourself “Oh great, this is a wasted night”.

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MM: What do you think are the best dating apps for single moms?

LH: None! As a single mom, I think that dating apps only create what I call “text style communication,” which really doesn’t help to get to know each other. You are only sharing little short bits of information each time you chat on an app platform, substantial online dating websites /…/

Whistle Up – Another Dating Platform That Puts Women In Control

PRWEB – May 3 – Whistle Up is launching it’s full dating platform which includes fun quizzes and mobile dating app where girls make the first move. A man can’t just swipe right infinitely and see who decides to swipe right on him with no effort. It’s algorithm calculates how long he spends on a profile, so women can make more informed call on who to chat up and who to pass on.

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