Spark Is Profitable Again But Needs Sustainable Strategy

SEEKING ALPHA – June 26 – Spark Networks had been suffering significant losses until mid 2014 when new management came in. Their first action was to cut the marketing spent on ChristianMingle. Almost immediately, the company became profitable, but this strategy is unsustainable. A prolonged period of subscriber attrition can be devastating. However, temporarily propping up the company has given new management time to implement its plan to reinvigorate Spark without having to worry about cash. The plan is simple: upgrade technology and begin redeploying ads dollars for ChristianMingle in a more intelligent manner. ChristianMingle looks to be partnering with mega churches and Christian organizations. CEO Michael Egan also noted that customers who were surveyed mentioned that there was a distinct lack of humor in any of the company’s ads.

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Momo To Delist From NASDAQ Despite Hefty Cost To Do So

WANTCHINATIMES – June 26 – Momo, a Chinese dating app, has decided to delist from NASDAQ, just after half a year of trading on the marketplace. This comes despite the fact it will waste its investments in the share listing, including $110M of tangible cost. The cost includes $17.4M of commission paid to underwriters and $4.3M in consulting fees, not to mention the annual fee charged by NASDAQ which amounts to $1.61-1.76M a year, compared with the $308.4M in fresh fund it raised from its IPO. „We intend to keep Momo as a startup, rather than a public company,“ said Tang Yian, founder and CEO of Momo, adding that going public would hamper the company’s capability to take risks for new ventures.

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„He’s For Me“ – Matchmaking In The Gay Marriage Era

HUFFINGTON POST – June 26 – In the past, gay men had few options for meeting, hooking up and dating. Now, in 2015, they’ve got Grindr, Growlr, A4A, Scruff, Manhunt and others. Some guys are turning away from modern technology and going old-school, opting for a traditional matchmaker. One such intermediary is He’s For Me, a Texas-based gay matchmaking service founded by Tammy Shaklee, a straight woman who met her husband through a similar company. She was shocked to learn that the matchmaker she used didn’t serve gay men. To fill the void, she started H4M. H4M conducts lengthy interviews with clients, offers coaching on how to date, and sets up initial matches, along with second dates.

by Robert Weiss
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/…/ For Sale

OPW – June 28 – Every so often we find interesting sites for sale. looks interesting. The site was started 8 years ago and has a decent SEO rank. i.e. for ‚senior dating.‘ The site provides seniors with a broad range of useful information which helps prepare them to get the most from their senior dating experience. A small revenue stream has been generated by commissions from Google Ads and click-throughs. The site owner, Kathy Damer, has an extensive background in the senior care industry and would be happy to continue contributing to the site under the direction of a new owner. If you like the senior dating segment, this site is worth a look-in. You can contact Kathy at

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Match Group Could Fetch ~$1.2B From Its IPO

BLOOMBERG – June 26 – IAC’s Match Group plans to to sell ~20% of its common stock this year. The sale could fetch $600M to $1.2B if 10% – 20% of the business is sold to the public, according to Cowen and Co., valuing the division at $6B or more. IAC bought in 2003. Meetic joined in 2009 along with People Media. In 2011, IAC spent $50M for OKCupid. In 2012 came Tinder which „gamified“ the online dating process. „There’s a lot of people that just weren’t prepared to get onto Internet dating,“ says Mark Brooks, a dating-website analyst and consultant at Courtland Brooks. „Tinder warmed people up to the psychology that it’s not a dating site. Everybody is on it; it’s fun. That’s really the thrill ride here.“ But free and fun dating apps can be volatile, while cannibalizing customers from such paid services as, Brooks says. Last year, as the popularity of free-to-use Tinder grew, paid subscriptions at Match fell by ~100K in the Q4, compared with Q3. Now IAC is trying to make money out of Tinder.

by Alex Barinka
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