IDEA Has A New Name, And More Purpose

OPW – Jan 16 – For the last ten years I’ve run mixers at iDate events for small groups of the most senior owners, CXOs and leaders of dating and matchmaking apps and services. It’s been fun, and has helped people open up new relationships in the industry. Now its time to do more. Yesterday we changed the name of Internet Dating Executive Alliance to Internet Dating Excellence Association. It’s a small name change, but a big change of scope. In short, we want to do more to help the iDating industry learn and share and grow. I’ll explain more at the Internet Dating Conference next week, and then follow up on Online Personals Watch on Feb 1st.

If you’re not part of the communities yet, you can apply here and join the Facebook Group at, or Linkedin Group at

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/…/ Founder Was Rejected By 10 VCs In A Row

TIMES OF INDIA – Jan 14 – In the late 90s, Murugavel Janakiraman built a Tamil community website in the US, and to his surprise it was the matchmaking section that really took off. That sowed the idea for an online matchmaking service,, which he started in 2000 in Chennai. Late last year, the company launched its IPO, but Janakiraman remembers how quite a few VCs felt his company wasn’t one to tie the knot with. He was rejected by 10 VCs straight. They did not believe in his idea.

by Aparna Desikan
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Hornet Announces LGBT Foundation & ICO

HORNET BLOG – Jan 13 – Hornet, the gay social network, launches an LGBT Foundation, a not-for-profit organization for the global good of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. The LGBT Foundation will conduct an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in the Q1 2018 to raise funds and allocate cryptocurrency tokens to private investors and individual participants.

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The Dating Industry Has A Lot To Gain By Engaging With Academics

OPW – Jan 13 – Professor Paul Dolan has a special interest in happiness, and relationships. See his book, Happiness By Design. He hosted this British reality TV series on relationships which focused on couples that go through various games and tests to help them recognize if they should stay together or break up. He says that the way a couple speaks to each other is highly predictive of whether or not they will stay together. The indications of disrespect show their ugly head in the form of cynicism, criticism, defensiveness and stonewalling. I believe the dating industry has a lot to gain by engaging with the academic community. They don’t want money, they want data, interesting research and really cool findings that can be published in prestigious journals. Psychologists, sociologists and behavioral scientists want to connect with us. And we should want to put some time in with them and run experiments. It’s win-win. The findings from these experiments will help us improve our services, and create more value for users. It’s a marriage made in heaven, but takes an investment of time and patience.

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Chinese Government Might Now Get Access To Grindr’s Users Data

WASHINGTON POST – Jan 11 – China experts and former intelligence officials are raising concerns about user data privacy following the acquisition of Grindr by a Chinese technology firm. The Chinese government could be in a position to demand sensitive details on the lives of millions of non-Chinese citizens. More and more, the U.S. government is worried about the acquisition of American technology companies by Chinese firms, which are subject to undue influence and control by Beijing. Only last week, the U.S. government rejected a huge Chinese acquisition. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the US blocked Ant Financial, the investment arm of Alibaba Group, from buying Moneygram, the second-largest financial remittance firm in the US. Congress had raised concerns that allowing a Chinese company to own all the data of Americans sending each other money represented a national security issue for the US. The Trump administration agreed and killed the deal. Grindr’s VP of marketing, Peter Sloterdyk said Grindr has never disclosed any user data to the Chinese government nor does it intend to do so. Grindr remains a U.S. company governed and protected by the laws of the US, he said.

by Josh Rogin
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