Facebook To Speak At iDate Cologne

OPW – Aug 28 – Facebook is speaking at the upcoming Internet Dating Conference in Cologne next week. Facebook have seriously reviewed and refined their approach to the dating industry after discovering that sentiment around internet dating based ads was considerably sub-par. This was largely due to rogue dating sites, and rogue affiliates. So now, after a period of analysis and revision, they’re taking a new and more open approach to the Internet dating industry, thank goodness. So come learn more at iDate, and meet the Facebook rep who will be giving us the update on Facebook’s new worldwide and European policies for our industry. This will be the first time Facebook is addressing the Internet dating industry publicly.

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Ashley Madison Sues South Korean Government

THE CANADIAN PRESS – Aug 29 – Ashley Madison is suing the government of South Korea after being blocked over allegations of illegal activity. Adultery is illegal in South Korea. Ashley Madison denies the accusations, describing itself as “a social networking website facilitating communication between like-minded adults.” “There’s no adultery that happens on Ashley Madison, it’s just a publication,” the company’s CEO and founder, Noel Biderman, told The Canadian Press.

by Paula Loriggio
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Irena Brooks: Launching in South Korea where adultery is a punishable crime is another publicity stunt. Are they taking it a little bit too far this time? Every country has its own laws and we should respect them even if we find them absurd. If Ashley Madison is a social network that allows like minded people (he forgot to add „in committed relationship“) to communicate, why would he be hurt if his wife uses the site?

Mark Brooks: AM is not a social network in any way shape or form. A social network gives visibility into peoples social networks. AM does quite the opposite in enabling privacy in the extreme. Anyway, the main point of this PR is to get people riled up and conversing. AM achieves its aim again.

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Interest In ‚Shorting‘ Spark Networks Rises By 3.2%

SLEEK MONEY – Aug 29 – Spark Networks saw a significant increase in short interest in August. There was an increase of 3.2% from the July 31st total. Currently, 5.8% of the shares of the stock are sold short.

by Matt Cooper
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Mark Brooks: I think Spark Networks is waaaay overdue for a shake-up. Ultimately their targeting the Christian market makes a lot of sense, but is a behemoth for them to get their arms around. It’s challenging, but Spark could do this. Fascinating! What’s your thoughts?

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Jiayuan Q2 2014 Financial Results: Revenue Up 22%

PR NEWSWIRE – Aug 28 – Q2 revenues were $23.4M, a 21.8% YOY increase. Operating income was $1.3M. Average monthly paying user accounts were 1.5M, a 16.3% YOY increase. Personalized matchmaking services grew 239.3% YOY, accounting for 22.5% of net revenues. 64% of all logins were from mobile.

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Mark Brooks: Match owns 20% of Zhenai which is a top 3 dating site and competitor to Jiayuan. I expect to see Zhenai rise in rankings because of knowledge sharing between the companies. The Chinese market is most interesting because matchmaking is far more palatable and culturally the norm.

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Facebook: Social Media Doesn’t Stifle People’s Opinions

BUSINESS INSIDER – Aug 28 – A new report from the Pew Research Center claimed that people are less likely to post anything controversial if they’re not sure their audience agrees. Winter Mason, a Facebook researcher, broke down the study and explained why it may not be so true. First of all, Mason explains, the phenomenon of people not wanting to express themselves to unlikeminded audiences is a universal reality, one that is not unique to the Internet.

by Rebecca Borison
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Mark Brooks: As more people express themselves the online norm of being critical becomes more acceptable. The Internet dating industry has a problem with helping people gage reputation in the context of romantic relationships. They’re scared to offend. On another note…Facebook is proving to be a major source of traffic for Internet dating sites, but is also very challenging. A Facebook representative will be speaking at the upcoming Internet Dating Conference in Cologne to help clarify on where Facebook stands on Internet dating advertising now, and give some guidance on how best to scale and monetize it.

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