Micro-dating: Trend for Short and Sweet Meet-ups

DAILYMAIL.CO.UK – Oct 21 – Micro-dating is a trend that has become particularly popular with over-40s whose busy lives and multiple commitments leave conventional dating a near impossibility. Meet-ups are limited to 15 to 45 minutes only, and certainly never go over an hour. An ideal micro-date is going out for a coffee or a quick glass of wine after work. While it’s a great concept for busy people, is micro-dating really the way to find a partner? Charly Lester, co-founder of Lumen, the dating app for over-50s, thinks not. „Over-50s who haven’t dated for a while are often extremely nervous. It can take 30 minutes just to relax. So you don’t get the full measure of someone on such a short date. Also, coffee is a rubbish first date! You don’t have any distractions, and the face-to-face nature can feel really formal and awkward.“

by Giulia Crouch
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How Has Brexit Influenced Dating in the UK

FEMALE FIRST – Oct 21 – eHarmony found that women who mention Brexit in their dating profiles receive 86% more messages, men receive 90% more messages. ~60% of active dating app users said they have had at least one private conversation about Brexit with their potential date on dating platforms. Datingroo research shows that 55% of survey respondents said they have been refused by someone whose beliefs on Brexit were different than theirs.

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Airport Dating Apps

FODORS – Oct 17 – A study released by HSBC found that 1 in 50 passengers meet a romantic partner while in flight, and at least half of us befriend our seatmates. Inflighto app aims to enhance passengers‘ experiences with features like real-time maps and weather radar, but its thousands of users engage most intimately with the Inflight Chat. Inflighto tracks all commercial itineraries and creates a dedicated chat room among passengers and crew for each individual flight. It requires no personal log-in information, so passengers can remain anonymous if they like and develop a personal connection with others at their own pace. Dating app Happn is connecting users based on real-time proximity. Happn is popular among air travelers who use the dating app to „heart“ other users spotted browsing at terminal shops, or strike up conversation with a passenger seated several rows away in flight. According to Happn’s user data, the most romantic air travelers find love at Amsterdam Schipol, Istanbul Ataruk, London Heathrow, and Singapore Changi Airports.

by Leslie Finlay
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Conservative Dating App Receives $200K in Pre-seed Funding

ACCESSWIRE – Oct 16 – Right Hook, a North Carolina-based dating startup, have raised ~$200K from several angel investors to fuel the launch of its mobile platform and expansion to markets across the UK and the US. $150K came from London based VENBEYCAP.

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