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Friendship and Dating App, Safe Soulmates, Gets £114K Funding Boost

ELYSTANDARD.CO.UK – Jan 22 – A dating app for people who have autism and learning difficulties has received a £114K funding grant from the National Lottery’s Reaching Communities fund. Safe Soulmate was set up in December 2018.

by Ben Jolley
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Q&A With Taimi’s Head of Business Development Helen Virt

GAYTIMES.CO.UK – Jan 22 – Taimi is the LGBTQ+ platform that features a social network and dating app. The platform was recently recognised by Gay Times for its efforts to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people around the world.

Q: How did the pandemic impact Taimi?
A: For us, it was truly heartbreaking as we planned so many pride-focused partnerships. We had to swiftly adapt and turn towards online opportunities. We also saw a tremendous change in users‘ behaviour. They became more involved, more active, created 45% more content, posted 60% more stories and liked each other more.

Q: What is Taimi doing to be more diverse?
A: We are certainly putting a lot of effort in making the platform more accessible, providing a space that is safe and free of judgement and even rewriting our system to improve the overall experience on the app.

Q: What has been the feedback from your users on the features you’ve recently implemented?
A: The feedback has been incredible when it comes to our latest addition – livestreams. We also introduce Live Duet and Versus battles to make streams more interactive and fun.

Q: Any concerns about competitor Blued?
A: We have tremendous respect for our colleagues at Blued. But they’re mostly oriented at gay men, so there is still a lot of work to be done to become a full-scale LGBTQ+ platform.

Q: Recently Taimi issued an open letter to advertisers, without naming names, what companies would you like to work with?
A: The brand needs to share our values.

Q: What are the company’s plans for 2021?
A: Our streaming features & everything around them will be top priority for Taimi in 2021. We also plan to launch public pages for companies, organizations and brands to bring them closer to their core audience.

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Match Group Continues to Turn Heads on Wall Street

DALLAS BUSINESS JOURNAL – Jan 22 – The price target for the company’s stock rose to $169 from $157. Match is benefiting from growing demand for its services as more folks retreat to their smart phones instead of hitting bars and restaurants. The company saw double-digit revenue growth in the Q3. Morgan Stanley highlighted the potential for Tinder. It said its „Mobile App Download“ tracker pointed to an increase of Tinder subscribers of 320K, or 17%, in the Q4 compared to the firm’s estimates of 280K and a consensus for a jump of 250K. Hinge should show growth of about three-fourths.

by Brian Womack
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Tinder Gives SA Government Free Ads to Combat Sexual Violence

ABC.NET – Jan 21 – Tinder has given the South Australian Government free advertising space this month to keep its campaign to combat sexual violence running. The SA Government campaign, called „See it for what it is. Sexual Violence“, was announced the month after ABC’s Four Corners and triple j Hack interviewed Australian women who had been sexually assaulted after using dating apps. The South Australian campaign aims to raise awareness about predatory behaviour involved in sexual violence and to link victims and perpetrators with further information and support.

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Bumble’s Bet on Women Won’t Pay off Everywhere

WALL STREET JOURNAL – Jan 21 – A higher percentage of the Bumble app’s users convert to payers than the market average among dating apps, according to OC&C Strategy Consultants – ~9% paid conversion among its 12.3M monthly active users, the company said. But a women-centric approach also could pose some limitations to growth. Historical gender norms might be more difficult to disrupt outside the U.S. In India, Bumble didn’t break the top 10 in terms of consumer spending. Interestingly, Tinder tested a feature in India around the time of Bumble’s launch there called „My Move,“ which allowed women to initiate conversation. Depending on its success, Tinder said it would consider launching the app more globally. Ominously for Bumble, Tinder hasn’t indicated plans to roll out the feature anywhere else.

by Laura Forman
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