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OkCupid CEO, Ariel Charytan, on Love, Tech, and Success

THRIVE GLOBAL – Nov 13 – OkCupid CEO, Ariel Charytan, discusses OkCupid’s new market expansion.

Q: Tell us about your career trajectory?
A: Over the past two decades, I’ve learned that the fundamental thing we collect in life isn’t money or titles, but experiences. What attracts me to new roles is the opportunity to experience something new. I have sought and been fortunate to have always worked on products that improve people’s lives.

Q: What got you interested in the industry?
A: Human relationships. They are one of the most fascinating topics to study.

Q: What projects can we expect to see next?
A: OkCupid has always been a platform that allows people to be their true selves. In places like India, we are continuing to match people on what matters most to them and specific to their culture. I’m proud to be able to give people that opportunity because it’s something everyone deserves.

Q: I have been predicting a greater use of AI in dating apps for years. What in your opinion is the future of dating?
A: The future of dating is going to look a lot like the origin of OkCupid. We match people on shared beliefs and values through thousands of personalized questions. AI has helped us with showing daters the people they would actually want to meet beyond simple attraction.

by Clarissa Silva
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S’More: a New Dating App That Looks to Suspend Physical Attraction for Something More

TECH CRUNCH – Nov 11 – According to former Chappy Managing Director Adam Cohen Aslatei, „something more“ is one of the most common pieces of feedback that dating apps get from their users. That’s where S’More comes in. S’More was founded by Aslatei to provide a dating app to users that goes beyond superficial looks. Rather than scrolling through a feed and swiping left and right, users are served five profiles each day. User profiles on S’More consist of icons, rather than pictures and text, which reveal characteristics about the profile’s owner. The company plans to generate revenue through a freemium model. S’More is now launching in beta in Boston and the D.C. area with plans to launch in New York soon.

by Jordan Crook
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Tinder Seeks to Tackle Trans Harassment

BBC – Nov 12 – Many have wrongly had their profiles removed from the app because Tinder imposes an automatic ban if a profile receives lots of complaints. Transgender women had been particularly affected by the complaints and subsequent harassment. CEO Elie Seidman said the unfair complaints had been an „unforeseen consequence“ of Tinder’s policy that its users should not be able to filter out trans people from the profiles they are shown as potential matches.

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Yacktman Asset Management Takes $1.22M Position in Spark Networks

DARBY NEWS – Nov 11 – Yacktman Asset Management acquired a new stake in shares of Spark Networks in the Q3, according to its SEC filing. The institutional investor acquired 220K shares, valued at $1,2M. Yacktman Asset Management owned ~0.07% of Spark Networks at the end of the most recent quarter. Gabelli Funds also purchased shares of Spark Networks, valued at ~$55K. Renaissance Technologies purchased $454K worth of Spark shares. Finally, Canaan Partners purchased $22.6M worth of Spark shares.

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OPW Podcast – The Top Dating Industry News for Nov 12th

OPW – Nov 12 – Match Results, Magic Lab Acquisition, The Meet Group, Facebook & Tinder whitelisting.

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