Is Dating Someone With Different Values to You Ever a Good Idea?

By | 26.2.2020

STYLIST – Feb 25 – According to a new survey of 12k women by Bumble 61% of women say they look for a partner who shares their values. We asked a behavioural psychologist Jo Cummings how important shared values really are. „Core values, such as wanting children or marriage – or not – are very rarely open to compromise. ..It’s also good to be open minded, to have debate, and to be an effective listener, as your partner may give you a perspective on a topic that you hadn’t really considered before.“

by Lauren Geall
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Mark Brooks: Behavioral Economists give product designers and digital marketers a nomenclature to work with to better describe the behaviors they’re observing. I run the group (as well as, and am attempting to connect more Behavioral Economists with the dating industry. Please join the fray and learn the language of BE in the group. I think you might find the language of biases and heuristics and behavior at least interesting.

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