By | 13.11.2013

Being a male escort sounds like a dream job, right? Just imagine being paid to entertain women, at their expense, as you live out your fantasies in a variety of exotic locations. Who could complain?

You can expect to get paid handsomely, working only the hours that suit your own lifestyle, rather than enduring the poorly-paid daily grind expected from an employer. Best of all, you could be spending time earning great money while you’re in the clutches of women who are prepared to pay anything in order to enjoy your company.

We’ve all heard about the modern day male escort, but does this dream job really exist? Or is it simply an urban myth dreamt up by sensationalist daily newspapers and frothy gossip magazines hoping to make men envious and get women salivating at the thought of a heavenly encounter with a real-life fantasy figure?

Scott, 32, was a builder by trade before he decided to take the plunge and become a male escort full-time. Now, with his mortgage paid off, a Porsche in the driveway and an amazing wardrobe of top-end tailoring to choose from whenever he’s on duty, being a professional male escort has transformed his life.

The guy now has immaculate nails, a far cry from his building days and, he says beaming, he’s never looked back. „I enjoyed working in the building trade but had always wondered if it would be possible to do a job like this,“ he says. „I mean, these days, the only heavy lifting I do is to carry the occasional chunky customer to the bed.

„It’s not been an overnight thing though. I’ve spent the last few years growing the business… that’s how I see it, it’s a full-on business venture and you need to keep customers happy, pay your bills and run a tight ship just like any other profession.“

The world of escorts seems shrouded in mystery, and it’s not the sort of vocation that you can dip into while browsing the vacancies down at the local job centre.

Signing up with is a good starting point, because it’s a great way of getting to know the ropes and lining up potential clients with less risks involved. As with any business, it’s vital to build up a client base, because regular customers can mean reasonably steady income. So be nice and they’ll hopefully come back.

Some escorts have clients that have been seeing them for years. „One or two of my ladies have been visiting me since day one,“ says Scott. „Of course, when you’ve known someone for quite a while then there is the tendency to start taking things for granted. So, in that respect I am forever trying to keep things lively and like to come up with new things for us to do.“

If you’re looking to make really big bucks then branching out on your own is the next logical move. Being your own boss is the best way to go in any career path, but adopting this philosophy in the world of the male escort really does mean that the sky’s the limit.

„I started out with an agency,“ adds Scott. „But after a while I could see that the real way forward was doing it off my own back. When I left the agency and joined GigoloLis.tcom in order to do it. My mobile phone is now the head office of my business.

„It’s gone from making a couple of hundred pounds an hour to having days or even weeks away when it’s basically been a case of no expense spared. Initially I made a decent living, but now it has become really full-on. Working on a building site seems like a crazy way to earn a living when I think back. Mind you, it’s not as easy or as stress-free as some of those glossy magazines like to make it seem.“

Do we really need to explain the benefits? „It’s a blast,“ Scott enthuses. „I’ve been all over the world thanks to my clients. We’ve been to exotic locations and stayed in fabulous hotels. I’ve eaten marvellous food and drunk the best champagne. It’s like a drug though, the more you enjoy a lifestyle like this then the more difficult it is to go back to a humdrum home life.“

„Mind you, my house is bought and paid for and I’ve got all the boys toys you could ever dream of. If I want something then I can buy it, although some of my favourite clients tend to treat me to anything and everything. They’ve got the money to do it, so why not?“

Every job has its negative aspects and being a male escort is no exception. „It’s hard work,“ says Scott with a wry grin. „The hours are long and, of course, not all of the women I meet are stunners.

„It can mess with your own private life too,“ he adds. „There isn’t always much room for your own relationships. Girlfriends can find it very difficult to understand that while being a male escort seems like a dream come true for a man, we also want something with a bit more longevity.

„This is a business I’m in. Sure, the money is good, the lifestyle is great too, but I’d much prefer a more settled life. I’ve been doing this for longer than I’d anticipated and I’m starting to feel a little bit suffocated by it all. I’ll keep being a male escort for the foreseeable future, but will I be doing it when I’m 50? I doubt it.

„Although many of my clients always tell me how much they enjoy the company of the older man, so perhaps there’s plenty of mileage in this yet…““