Micro-dating: Trend for Short and Sweet Meet-ups

By | 21.10.2019

DAILYMAIL.CO.UK – Oct 21 – Micro-dating is a trend that has become particularly popular with over-40s whose busy lives and multiple commitments leave conventional dating a near impossibility. Meet-ups are limited to 15 to 45 minutes only, and certainly never go over an hour. An ideal micro-date is going out for a coffee or a quick glass of wine after work. While it’s a great concept for busy people, is micro-dating really the way to find a partner? Charly Lester, co-founder of Lumen, the dating app for over-50s, thinks not. „Over-50s who haven’t dated for a while are often extremely nervous. It can take 30 minutes just to relax. So you don’t get the full measure of someone on such a short date. Also, coffee is a rubbish first date! You don’t have any distractions, and the face-to-face nature can feel really formal and awkward.“

by Giulia Crouch
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