What Happened to Hater Dating App?

By | 2.6.2020

DISTRACTIFY – May 30 – Dating app Hater was matching people based on dislikes. The app was started by a former Goldman Sachs employee who quit his job to pursue comedy. The Hater app started, literally, as a joke. To launch the app, Brendan took his idea to Shark Tank. Mark Cuban gave him $200K as a starting investment, though instead Brendan ended up raising $1M in VC funding. In 2017, the app was downloaded ~1M times. While the Hater app website is still active, the app appears to have been removed from the app store, and the company’s Twitter hasn’t been active since 2018. There is no official statement from the company about their closure, but it appears to have been shut down. During Brendan’s interview with CNBC, he admitted that the app wasn’t making any money at the time, so they were planning on implementing advertising and premium subscriptions, though it appears that never panned out.

by Sara Belcher
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