Lex – New App That Offers Text-based Personal Ads

THE CUT – Nov 12 – Last year, Kelly Rakowski started Personals, a modern reimagining of dyke-centric ads from the pages of the ’80s and ’90s lesbian erotica magazine On Our Backs. In early November, she announced Personals would be making a major move, launching its own app with a new name: Lex. After months of beta testing from Kickstarter supporters, Lex (as in „lexicon“) is now available for free download, offering the same text-based personal ads and missed connections. Rakowski says an app was necessary based on the number of ads she began receiving. A 2018 Kickstarter campaign raised ~$50K, which all went to the development of Lex. Anyone who donated to the campaign were early beta testers of the app, providing crucial feedback. On launch day, Lex saw 6K downloads.

by Trish Bendix
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Chinese Spend $30B on Singles‘ Day

TELEGRAPH.CO.UK – Nov 12 – Alibaba said sales for its annual Singles‘ Day shopping blitz have exceeded $30B, putting the event on track to set a record in its 11th year. The figure is equivalent to ~80% of Amazon’s sales in its most recent quarter. Singles day or Guanggun Jie (Nov 11) is a shopping holiday popular among young Chinese people that celebrate their pride in being single. Alibaba turned China’s informal Singles‘ Day into a shopping event a decade ago and built it into the world’s biggest online sales fest.

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Taimi, LGBTQI Dating App, Adds a New Travel Feature

MEDIUM.COM – Nov 12 – The latest update of the LGBTQI social networking and dating app includes Taimi Spot and Spotify Integration. TAIMI Spot allows users find connections in cities around the globe regardless of their permanent base. The tool will be extremely handy to frequent travelers and business people. Spotify Integration will allow users to share their favorite songs with potential matches.

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Internet Dating Jobs Listing Update – November 2019

OPW – Nov 12 – The new Internet dating jobs listing is live on the Internet Dating Jobs blog.

Below see a couple of this month’s most interesting offers:

Social Media Director

VP of Product

Head of Live Streaming and Community Management

Match Group
SVP, Tax

Spark Networks
Director of Accounting

The Inner Circle

The League
Director or VP of Operations & Finance (COO fxn)

VP Product Innovation

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Andrey Andreev Sells Stake of Bumble’s Parent Company MagicLab to Blackstone

TECH CRUNCH – Nov 9 – Andrey Andreev, the founder of Badoo, is selling his entire stake in MagicLab, the company that owned both Bumble and Badoo (and other dating apps), to Blackstone, which is one of the world’s leading investment firms. He will step away from the business in the process, and Wolfe Herd, Bumble’s founder, becomes the CEO of the whole company, retaining much of her stake in the business. That stake is at ~19%. The deal values MagicLab at $3B. Blackstone also will be making an investment in the company as part of the deal.

by Ingrid Lunden
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